Ken Saitow on eHealth Radio Network

Mobile,mhealth,Text Messaging

Our CEO Ken Saitow recently sat down with eHealth Radio Network – a network that produces informative health information, news, and advice featuring some of the leading innovators in healthcare and wellness – to share insights as to why mobile and texting should be viewed as a strategic communication tool for healthcare providers.

Listen in as Ken and host Eric Michaels discuss the following questions:

  •  Why is it important for healthcare providers to be focusing on how they communicate with their patients?

  •  What are some of the challenges they face in communicating with their patients?

  •  Why should providers evaluate mobile communication and, more specifically, text messaging?

  •  Is texting really suitable for healthcare given regulatory concerns and the variation of age and socioeconomic status of patients?

  •  What are some ways that texting can support healthcare provider's goals?