CareWire Website and New Product Launch

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The CareWire team is excited to announce the launch of our new website! 
The redesign more accurately conveys the value that CareWire delivers to our customers and, most importantly, the healthcare consumers we interact with on their behalf (almost 35,000 times every day!).  
In addition to establishing our new digital home, the website now includes our new CareWire Messenger platform and product positioning. CareWire Messenger consists of five products that solve specific patient engagement challenges and have a track record of success. These products include:
Have a specific engagement challenge that is not addressed by the solutions above? Not a problem. Our team relishes the challenge of working with customers to develop custom solutions that harness the power of our platform.  
The results we have achieved in partnership with our customers speak for themselves. 
In a recent client meeting to review statistics and results after a year of solution operation, there was a pause after seeing the bottom line. The executive sponsor turned to the team and said, “We need to stop making calls and redirect resources…” Which was followed by a team brainstorm that "imagined the possibilities" across the organization where CareWire Messenger can help.
I am particularly proud of the fact that stories like this happen regularly when our customers see the results and recognize the full power of this communication channel. The power of our platform coupled with consistent, compelling results supports what our team has known since the company's founding... CareWire is "where engagement happens".
What do you think about our new website? We would love your feedback and input. Of course, we also welcome the opportunity to tell your CareWire Messenger story on our site in the future.
-Ken Saitow, President and Chief Executive Officer

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