Meet the Presenters: Tap Into Texting

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In the ambulatory surgery environment, our relationship with patients is often limited to a few days before and after their scheduled procedures. The preparation required of the patient and the amount of information we must communicate in this short time can be overwhelming for our patients and, sometimes, our staff. This challenge is further complicated by the fact that traditional communication methods – phone calls, voice mails, and emails – are becoming less and less effective. 

Text messaging and mobile communication is a largely untapped resource that presents an immediate opportunity to interact with most of our patients.

Meet the Presenters: Tap Into Texting - Empower your patients during their Surgical Experience

Lora Swenson

Business Office Manager, KU MedWest Ambulatory Surgery Center

Lora began working with surgery centers back in 2003, supporting all aspects of the business office operations from payroll and accounts payable to billing/collections to case analysis.  Lora initially worked with KU MedWest in a part-time role while still supporting the business office functions at South Kansas City SurgiCenter.  

In 2009, Lora joined KU MedWest full-time as their Business Office Manager and has expanded her department to a team of eight staff.  Prior to her work in the surgery center environment, Lora provided accounting support to her father’s remodeling company before opening her own remodeling company with her husband. Lora sees the staff at KU MedWest as an extension of her family and attributes many of the successes of her center to the dedicated, caring members of her team.

Laurie Young

Patient Care Manager Pre-op/PACU, Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota

Laurie is responsible for ensuring excellence in clinical nursing practice and delivery of care for over 12,000 surgeries per year. One of Laurie’s professional passions is providing the best possible experience for all patients and their families. Laurie has 30 years of experience in pediatric and neonatal nursing, 22 years at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota. Laurie has an MSN/MBA in Healthcare Management and also holds a certificate in case management.

Tina Mentz 

Vice President Business Development – ASC Market Segment, CareWire, Inc.

Tina Mentz is the Vice President, Business Development for CareWire’s ASC Market Segment and his been a member of our Advisory Board since 2012.  Prior to joining CareWire, Tina was the Executive Director at Elmhurst Outpatient Surgery Center, a multi-specialty surgery center performing 7,800 cases annually in the Chicagoland area.  During her eight year tenure at Elmhurst, Tina successfully increased volume, expanded service line offerings and integrated cutting-edge technologies into the operations of the center.  Tina’s leadership, Elmhurst was also the first surgery center to implement CareWire.

Prior to Elmhurst, Tina was responsible for the operations for 13 hospital-owed physician practices consisting of 40 physicians and physician-extenders for 10 years.  She is the founder of a healthcare consulting firm which provides support to surgery centers and physician practices in all areas of operations.  Tina also worked for Premier, Inc. as a managed care consultant and managed a medical billing service in her early days in healthcare.