Encouraging people to avoid the ER when they’re not facing a true emergency has long been a priority for commercial and public payers as well as employer groups. While the high cost associated with these visits is certainly the primary reason for diversion efforts, the benefits of saving the ER for emergencies expand beyond just financial. For consumers, choosing the right care can save a significant amount of time, and building a relationship with a primary care physician instead of running straight to the ER can result in more consistent, informed care.

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Due to the continuous changes in the health care industry, health care providers are constantly tasked with finding ways to reduce costs while at the same time providing higher quality care and improving outcomes. Health organizations are constantly searching for ways to provide exceptional value that is more effective and capable of reaching more individuals without wasting resources, dollars, and time. Innovation is one of the keys to success in this dynamic environment. The most cutting-edge health professionals recognize that technology must play a critical role in doing better with less and text messaging is a solution that should be considered. Here are five ways health care organizations can reduce costs and improve efficiencies by incorporating texting into their patient engagement and communication strategies.

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Provider-to-Patient Texting Can Directly Benefit All Accountable Care Organizations

While still evolving, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) - networks of health care providers and hospitals that have a coordinated financial and medical responsibility to their patients - are emerging as important players in the quest for managing and improving healthcare in the United States. Across the country, the number of commercial and public ACOs is growing. As reported by Kaiser Health News, “An estimated 23.5 million Americans are now being served by an ACO.” In order for an ACO to meet its goals, it is critical that they play an active role in managing the health of their members. This ranges from providing those members that have chronic conditions such as diabetes and hypertension with the resources they need to manage their conditions to ensuring those that are healthy maintain their health through timely preventive screenings to reinforcing healthy lifestyle choices across their membership.

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