Preparing for surgery can be overwhelming for patients, particularly given the amount of instructions and paperwork that is required prior the actual procedure. One missed step can result in a case cancellation, which means lost revenue to the surgical center and more importantly, dissatisfied patients an surgeons. Voice conversations and paper brochures or instructions sheets aren’t enough to reinforce compliance with testing, special preparations and NPO instructions.

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In the ambulatory surgery environment, our relationship with patients is often limited to a few days before and after their scheduled procedures. The preparation required of the patient and the amount of information we must communicate in this short time can be overwhelming for our patients and, sometimes, our staff. This challenge is further complicated by the fact that traditional communication methods – phone calls, voice mails, and emails – are becoming less and less effective. 

Text messaging and mobile communication is a largely untapped resource that presents an immediate opportunity to interact with most of our patients.

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