5 Ways Mobile Can Improve the Patient Experience


According to Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, more than 50 percent of mobile device users will turn to their smartphone or tablet first for all their online activities. This means that in just a few years, people will use their handheld gadgets as their go-to device, surpassing their need for desktops and laptops..

Given this rate of adoption, the healthcare industry—one of the industries slowest to embrace technology—should start catering more to mobile users to remain competitive. This is convenient and beneficial not only for medical professionals, but for patients as well. Here are five ways that show how:

1. Instant access

Patients view the results of their tests through mobile apps, eliminating the need for traveling to the hospital for the sole purpose of claiming them. Patients with mobility impairments will benefit the most from this development.

2. Virtual interaction

Not all cases warrant a visit to the doctor's office. For simple questions, patients reach out to their physicians through mobile apps. This saves patients from wasting time at the waiting room..

3. Personalized content

With the help of mobile apps, doctors tailor practical content then send it in real time to their patients. The content is bite-sized so that patients digest it fast. An example of quick content is a low-fat recipe for patients with high cholesterol, or or a five-minute.

4. Remote monitoring 

Some patients have cases that are not serious enough for confinement but still warrant constant monitoring. Phone calls are not effective for virtual consultation, but video capabilities of some mobile apps enable it. Patients get the care they need even when their doctors are out of town for a conference..

5. Archived records

Because mobile apps log transactions and save documents in archives, patients access these records whenever they need to. This gives them better accountability over their own health by letting them check on their own progress.