Improving outcomes and avoiding costly readmissions is at the top of most healthcare leaders’ agendas. The focus on these topics is of particular importance given the advent of programs such as the Hospital Readmission Reduction program

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Giving a patient a lengthy list of all of the things that they can and cannot do weeks before an upcoming surgery or operation is overwhelming. Begin to Ease Patient Preparation with text messaging.

In the time leading up to a surgery, patients are likely becoming increasingly anxious and preoccupied by stress about the procedure, concerns about how they will complete day to day tasks afterward, and a myriad of other issues that they will have to work through prior to their procedure or surgery. Going against every known strategy and procedure designed to help Ease Patient Preparation.

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A Patient Care Manager is always thinking about the patient and their needs, but sometimes those responsibilities extend to opportunities other than traditional approaches.

Most of the time those approaches won't be changing light bulbs! But the dedication to patients' well being and improved health is unwavering and something we at CareWire do not appraoch lightly. Our mission is to limit the time physicians spend on the phone and doing admin tasks and more time giving patients personal attention.

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Empower Patients and Family Caregivers

Patients with chronic or complicated conditions often have an entire support network that healthcare providers and care managers never actually interact with, even though this team is often vital to patient success. These family or personal caregivers help patients manage their daily activities, their medications, monitor treatment plans, coordinate appointments and more.

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Care managers play a vital role in patient engagement, treatment plan adherence, and more – what tools can help them to perform these vital tasks more efficiently?

Care managers organize patient care, handle insurance matters, investigate treatment plans for patients, and so much more during the course of their day. Great care managers perform these tasks with a sense of empathy and a desire to improve patient care – ensuring that their patients are informed about their treatment plans and next steps.

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